Why Keto and IF Intermittent Fasting are Made for Each Other

With over a month of combining strictly, I’m now a firm believer, and want to answer why keto and IF intermittent fasting are made for each other when done properly, cleanly, and healthily.

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This video, I talk about the perfect complimentary attributes of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting at least 18 hours per day, and how combined, make them a match made in heaven.

Coming from someone who used to do, and still love/believe in the effectiveness of the Slow Carb Diet, Keto and IF intermittent fasting has done wonders in terms of showing me how my assumptions could be so wrong, and how pleasantly surprised I can be if I just give things a chance.

Truth is, had I not been diagnosed as ‘dangerously pre-diabetic’, I wouldn’t have given this way of eating a chance, but now that I have tried it, and have completely reversed my pre-diabetic diagnosis without any medication, I don’t see myself leaving the keto/IF train for the rest of my life.

If you’ve wondered how to lose weight fast, how to lose belly fat, or want to address your health in a real way, I genuinely believe that keto & IF is a great option and surprisingly sustainable.

If you have any questions about the slow carb diet, the ketogenic diet, or intermittent fasting, don’t hesitate to comment; I do my best to answer everyone.

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