What to eat on a well formulated keto diet?

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In this video you’ll learn the basics of well-formulated ketogenic diets. The chosen example is the sort of keto diet most people do, where animal foods form the base and low-starch low-sugar plant foods are added on top.

For starters, don’t include ‘bad carbs’ like sugar or flour, even if you manage to stay under your daily carb limit. Quality matters, as does quantity.

Second, make sure you avoid ‘bad fats’ like soybean oil or sunflower oil (i.e. high omega-6 seed oils). Keto diets are proportionally higher fat diets, so avoiding fattening and inflammatory fats is crucial. Again, quality matters.

Third, make sure you meet your daily protein target with animal foods; they’re the highest quality sources of protein. As a bonus, they also carry lots of other essential micronutrients.

Now that you’ve hit your macros and avoided junk-foods in favor of quality ones, you should get overall nutrient completeness score of 7 or more (after logging all your meals for the day). Your keto score should also be 7 or more.

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