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What Should My Fat Intake Be On a Keto Diet? — Dr. Eric Westman

What Should My Fat Intake Be On a Keto Diet? — Dr. Eric Westman

Check out this video as Dr. Westman answers the questions YOU had regarding fat intake and setting weight goals.

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Anne 2:58
Is the amount of fat a goal or a limit? I read about all these people struggling to meet fat goals.
I’ve been on Keto and intermittent fasting since January (10 months) and I’ve lost 65 pounds, so I think I’m doing well.

Pete 3:56
How much fat is too much? Just enough to ward off hunger?

Darren 4:29
I’ve lost a 100kgs in 3 years, 50% of my body weight, I’m now holding at 102kgs and can’t seem to go any lower. How do I know what my normal optimal weight is? Is my body adjusting to the big loss?

Ron 5:46
Here’s a related question – in the Keto community, there is a debate over how much protein. So, when eating is it better to err on the side of fat or protein?

April 6:10
I’m concerned about my fat intake because my cholesterol is 210. Good is low and bad is high. What should I do? I’m at my goal weight. Concerned as I have a family history of heart disease and diabetes on both sides of my family, so I want to continue this lifestyle. What should I do?

Sandy 4:42
I aim for high fat. 87f, 10p, 3c. I do Keto for epilepsy. Not weight loss.

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