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What is Ketogenic (Keto) diet? – All you need to know about Keto – Podcast | Affan Taj

What is Ketogenic (Keto) diet? – All you need to know about Keto – Podcast | Affan Taj

Can keto inversely effect you and your mental health? Can it be a part of your lifestyle? Can diabetic, fatty liver and heart patients follow a keto diet plan? Does keto causes mood swings?
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All this and much more in this episode of our podcast.

For this discussion we have with us Mr. Ehsan Bari who is a moderator on Ketogenic Diet Pakistan and himself has been rigorously following this diet and now helps people wishing to follow this diet – free of any cost.

Sher Afghan is also a part of this discussion who is a lawyer by profession and has gone through a very interesting weight loss journey through the ketogenic diet. You may want to listen to his knowledge on the topic.

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7:15 – Inverse effect on mind due to weight loss
7:18 – Serotonin levels
11:15 – Starvation makes you fat
13:49 – Sugar is cocain
15:53 – Sugar, various forms
16:30 – What is ketogenic diet
19:20 – Nutrition ignored, majority trainers ignore nutrition
23:28 – How do people know who to follow
25:00 – Nutritionist exploit? They do have a right to earn
25:52 – Anti-Ketosis
26:16 – Ideal diet for Type 2 Diabetes & fatty liver
29:07 – Inverse effects of Keto
31:00 – Is Keto a lifestyle?
42:33 – Is Keto expensive?
43:50 – Commercialism, exploitation in keto
45:24 – Desi Keto
47:48 – Alternate to Keto

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