What I Eat in a Day: Quick & Easy Healthy Vegetarian Meals | by Erin Elizabeth

What I Eat in a Day: Quick & Easy Healthy Vegetarian Meals
This video I’ll share a few quick and easy vegetarian meals I like to make throughout the week. I typically food prep a bunch of different ingredients so I can easily make bowls, and salads without having to waste any food through the week. I’ll also be sharing a few different tips at the end that I learned from my podcast episode with Kat Krivanek Nutrition. I hope you enjoy!

Listen to the full podcast episode: https://lifestyledpodcast.buzzsprout.com/1174349/8260401-36-mindful-eating-plant-based-proteins-how-to-take-a-more-balanced-approach-to-your-diet-w-kat-krivanek

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