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Weight loss on KETOGENIC DIET

People is seeing more and more the beneficial of doing a ketogenic diet, and they seeing all this before and after pictures.
But is weight loss the only thing you should be doing the ketogenic diet for to get some results?
I certainly don’t think you should be focusing on weight and weight loss, the ketogenic diet is so much more and it helps you heal the body from damage you have created during a long time in life.

A lot of people don’t loose weight on Ketogenic diet ( a low carb high fat diet), but they feel so much better, have energy and can do stuffs they didn’t event thought about doing for a couple of years ago, and its because they have healed their body.
Im one of them, I’m coming from a world of IBS and I’m learning that even though you want to loose weight it need to come from the inside, first you need to heal your body and THEN after you can be more focusing on weight and weight loss.

If i would have been focusing on weight loss all the time i wouldn’t be rid of my IBS and definitive not being able to study all day long and working on my job with energy all day.

So please if you want to help yourself to be the most amazing human being you can be, don’t focus on weight loss on ketogenic diet in the beginning.
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