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Top 4 Health Benefits of Keto Diet – Asante Wellbeing Nutrition in less than 5 minutes

Top 4 Health Benefits of Keto Diet – Asante Wellbeing Nutrition in less than 5 minutes

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The Keto Diet is well known as being an extreme lifestyle choice which can help you lose weight. It does this by maximising your fat and protein nutrient intake, while reducing carbohydrates to less than 50g per day.

By switching from consuming carbohydrates which spike your blood sugar and get stored long term, your body only burns fats and becomes efficient in doing so when done long term.

This diet also has benefits for your brain and mentality.

Health Benefits Of Keto Diet


Keto is a high fat, high protein and low carb diet

The effect is to shift your body from burning carbohydrates, to burning fats as its primary fuel source

So, Ketosis results in weight loss and fat loss because your body burns fat instead of storing it

what are the health benefits of ketosis?

benefit 1 WEIGHT LOSS

The primary benefit of ketosis is the weight loss – and getting rid of that belly fat without even going to the gym

During Keto, as your body is essentially being starved of sugar

you end up getting a steady flow of energy through fats

This reduction in empty calories helps initially to lead the weight-loss efforts.


If you’re able to modify your diet to a low-carb intake, the keto diet can help reduce your insulin to a more controllable level.

Studies have found by adopting the keto diet and limiting carbohydrate intake to less than 50g per day, and even stretching to less than 20g per day, could have an impact in reversing type-2 diabetes.

benefit 3 Brain Health and Protection against Alzheimer’s

In the absence of glucose (sugar), ketones feed our brain for its source of energy.

Brain cells become more efficient, as inflammation is reduced.

Ketones have neuroprotective benefits as they give the brain the opportunity to balance the neurotransmitters glutamate and GABA.

By adopting a Keto diet, one can balance the production of Glutamate and GABA, which helps reduce the excess firing neurons and help provide a better mental focus.

A result of this can also reduce stress and anxiety and help with mental calmness.

Research indicates that dieters have reported less confusion, more clarity and more mental attention to tasks.

benefit 4 More Energy

Along side mental focus, a ketogenic diet can help with feeling more energised.

To begin with, people often report feeling tired when starting a low-carb keto diet.

This is known as the “Keto-flu” and usually lasts a couple of days as your body shifts from burning carbs to fats.

However, once you reach ketosis, your liver begins to produce ketones which is used for energy.

Ketones are the only internal fuel source that can contribute significantly to brain and body mechanics.

the downsides of Keto dieting

can cause Nutritional deficiency

Because you’re restricting your foods to high fatty foods such as coconut oil, avocados and nuts you are unlikely to obtain all your dietary nutritional needs during the keto plan.

Tough lifestyle choice

During the first couple of days, you will go through a trying process where your body feels tired, achy, you feel dizzy and may suffer from constipation.

This is because your body is going through the transitional phase, called the “Keto-flu”.

This will pass-over in a couple of days, however it can be tough and is often where people fail the diet.

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