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Tools to help you on the Ketogenic Diet 2017- How do you succeed this year?

Tools to help you on the Ketogenic Diet 2017- How do you succeed this year?

Its not just the food that you need to have control on when you have made up your mind regarding the ketogenic diet this year. I share with you my best tips I have used during 2016 so I have stayed on track on the diet, and how I have motivated my self to really be strict on the ketogenic diet during the past year. So this is the perfect help for you if you starting the ketogenic diet now!

Make your self up for achievement this year, my ketogenic diet video today, will help you with some tools so your can really measure and see how it goes for you during your journey.
Take your time to journal, and reflect this year over your progress and what you are doing. What is working and what is not?

Have a friend support you and create positive emotions with your goal, send each other positive respons like a cat film or something else when you have for example eaten a healthy ketogenic meal or have been working out. Just so you can laugh and connect the things you are doing with positive emotions! All this to get to the goal to be in ketosis during 2017!

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