The Ketogenic Diet and Type 1 Diabetes | What I don’t like about the keto diet

Let’s be honest; the keto diet has some great benefits but it’s not all fun and games. Here’s what I don’t like about the keto diet–some things that have given me trouble and that others typically struggle with as well. It’s really important to look at the flip side of your given approach to diet–this keeps you balanced and real–and helps avoid dogma. The ketogenic diet isn’t right for everyone who has type 1 diabetes and that’s ok.

Also…this is my 51st vlog! I know they haven’t all been massive hits, but still, we are officially more than half way to the goal I set in my very first vlog that I posted on new years day–100 videos in 2016!

In this video I’ll discuss:
-supplementation and getting enough micronutrients
-eating enough fat to get into ketosis
-avoiding keto-failure from too much protein
-commitment necessary to maintain this diet
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