The Keto Reboot (Assisted Fast!)

Hey BFF!
Let’s talk keto reboot! What is the keto reboot? It is a 60 hour system that is assists you in an extended fast! Why would anyone want to go without food you ask? The health benefits are insane! When your body isn’t spending all of its time digesting food, it has the opportunity to create new cells, get rid of old ones! You tap into a deep level of ketosis for incredible lasting energy, clarity, focus and FAT BURN! Your body starts to create it’s own ketones and that is MAGICAL.

It’s also a great way to get back on track if you’ve had a few off days, weeks or MONTHS, or if you’ve got a photoshoot, event, or trip coming up and want to look your best in a short amount of time. Defluffing and getting rid of bloat will not only have you feeling your best, but you will love how you look after too!

So follow me along my 60 hour journey to BETTER. I’ve done at least 20 of these in the last 3 year sad I can assure you, success is merely a decision. Once you decide you’re all in, it’s cake. But if you hesitate, doubt will knock you off track. “S/he who conquers the mind, conquers the world.” So DECIDE. COMMIT. SUCCEED.

Grab your keto reboot kit here or get on the waitlist if it’s not available at the moment:

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