The Keto Diet With Dr. Josh Axe

The #keto #diet or ketogenic diet is surging in popularity recently, but there are many misconceptions about it and many people are doing it incorrectly. Dr. #Axe is on this episode of the Happier & Healthier Podcast to break down what you need to know about the keto diet.

Episode Highlights:

– What is the keto diet? What is the difference between the regular keto diet and the “Dr. Axe” keto diet?
– What are the benefits of the keto diet?
– Why is fat so vital in any diet? Your brain, cells, and hormones need fat to be healthy.
– Why collagen is so important (and where to get it)
– How to find the best keto plan for you
– Can you do the keto diet long-term? What is “keto cycling”?
– What are the most common mistakes of following the keto diet?
– How can you reduce stress? What are some great de-stress routines?

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