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The Keto Diet & Constipation | What You Need to Know

The Keto Diet & Constipation | What You Need to Know

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*I apologize about the sound as there’s feedback at certain points of the video*

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We know being in ketosis has numerous benefits; there can be drawbacks too. One of them is feeling backed up and constipated. This video explains why this happens, and natural laxatives from supplements to foods, that you can implement with your keto diet to get things moving along.

// T I M E S T A M P S
01:02 The health problems that occur when someone is backed up (constipated)
01:55 Morning routine to alleviate constipation
02:05 The importance of staying hydrated, and why dehydration can lead to constipation
03:12 The connection between water, bile, and breaking down fat
03:40 The role apple cider vinegar plays in fatty liver, and constipation
03:47 How healthy bacteria help you become regular
04:18 The importance of daily magnesium and potassium
05:21 Bonus Tips for constipation
05:30 Eat more potassium rich foods to help things move along: beet tops, wild salmon, avocados, spinach.
06:16 A reminder to drink more water throughout the day
06:20 Why eating too much fat can be an issue
06:37 Soaking your nuts and seeds will help
06:48 Why coffee with grass fed ghee should help you
07:27 Why chia seeds can help
07:31 The role stress plays with constipation

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