The Best Keto Snacks: Whisps v Moon Cheese

Team Whisps ….. or Team Moon Cheese?
Check out Boss Babe’s quick video!

I love Whisps and Boss Babe is all about the Moon Cheese! Many of you know her story – a bowl of ice cream before bed every night. After learning about Keto she switched to low carb cookies, and now she just eats a small portion of pistachios and Moon Cheese when she wants a snack! Her favorite on Amazon:

Whisps? They’re the ultimate Keto crunchy snack in my opinion! They do have a strong parmesan taste, but the portion size is perfect for snacking and they are amazing as chips! My favorite on Amazon: or a variety pack:

Want to battle them out yourself? Check this out!!!!

We usually get ours from Coscto!

Check out our blog post for more info!

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