Tasty KETO Chocolate Cake Recipe!

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Hey guys, welcome to video 3 of Keto Take Over Week!

Today I want to show you my all time favorite guilt-free dessert – my keto chocolate cake recipe. Plus I’m also going to show you how you can make more keto friendly cheat foods like these so you can still enjoy your favorite foods on a keto diet.

Now before we dive into this recipe… Let me give you a little recap on what’s been going down so far during my keto take over week
In celebration of finally completing the research and development behind my brand new keto diet course, I’ve been releasing videos this week covering some of the most talked about topics in the world of keto…

I’ve already covered the science of ketosis and what makes it superior to other trending diets like the popular low-carb diet known as the Atkins diet, or the caveman friendly paleo diet… And I’ve also broken down the science of becoming fat adapted. So if you missed the first videos in my keto take over week series, go back and watch those!
Ok, now for this cake recipe.

Be sure to post in the comments how the recipe turned out for you guys and let me know if there are other of your favorite guilty pleasure that you’d like me to post an adaptation recipe video for…

Now, stay tuned in all week because keto take over week is just getting started. And remember, if you want to get my entire ketox diet course for free – all you have to do is enroll early at http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SH3uV.

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And for those of you who enroll early, I’m going to email you a free digital copy of my pizza lover’s cookbook right to your inbox just for opting in for your chance to win KETOX free!

Stick around for tomorrow’s video where I cover one of the most overlooked components to the modern day keto diet…

In tomorrow’s video, I’ll explain why skipping your veggies can be the single most fatal error to reaching your full health potential on the keto diet and I’ll also share with you the top 3 veggies you need to be eating while keto.

I’ll see you there.

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