Supersize BURGER!! 🍔 Eating an 11 Pound GIANT BEEF Cheeseburger!!

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BANGKOK, THAILAND: I was very excited to eat at La Maison By Chef Billy, a restaurant in Bangkok where Chef Billy serves Western food – especially French and Italian, and burgers. Additionally, he cooks a massive 5 kilo (11 pounds) supersized burger that you have to order three days in advance. And it feeds 10 – 15 people!

One of the things that stood out to me immediately is that Chef Billy cooks everything from scratch, from his special sauces and seasonings, to the giant bun which he bakes himself. So the quality of the burger and all the food stands out. To make the giant burger, Chef began with a 3 kilo meat patty which was cooked on a hot griddle. Cooking a burger this size is a test in construction and engineering, and it held up to the test!

After all the ingredients were ready, Chef Billy started putting together the burger, layers of lettuce and tomato, Chef’s special sauce, the massive burger layered with 40 pieces of cheese, bacon, then an entire pot of melted cheese sauce, plus onion rings, mayonnaise and more special Chef Billy Sauce.

Again, what stood out to me is the quality of the ingredients and the entire burger. Even though it was huge, it was delicious. The lamb burger was also delicious, juicy and fragrant.

We also tried a few other dishes at La Maison By Chef Billy including duck confit which was extraordinary, pesto pasta with grilled shrimp, and a wagyu steak. Fantastic food, highly recommended!

Thank you to Chef Billy for being so welcoming and go enjoy his amazing food when you’re in Bangkok!

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Price – The supersize Giant burger costs 2,999 THB ($100.27)



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