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Stay Keto While Eating Out | Starting a Ketogenic Diet | Ketogenic Diet India | Keto Vlog

Newest vlog here: “Keto Shopping and Keto Meet Up | Desi Keto | Ketogenic Diet India”
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Part A: How to eat out while keto- eating out at hole in the wall cafe
Part B: How to start a well formulated ketogenic diet. Starting a ketogenic diet is no rocket science If you follow the simple steps and guidelines of the keto world, you’re good to go and start your keto journey today!

Hope you learn something today!

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How to lose fat in a healthy and a delicious way?

Many of us have misconceptions about fat loss and the whole construct about fitness. I would love to share my experience with fat loss, health and fitness with anyone who cares enough to listen.

I lost over 30 Kgs of weight and share my story about fat loss and weight loss, the former backed up by keto diet and the latter by a shitty one.

I want to spread awareness about the whats, hows, and whys of this diet.

If you have been following my channel, you probably know my mainstream videos are comic and not about fitness. But the kind of motivation I got after seeing the results myself can not be explained.

So here I am- bringing to you two types of content: Fitness and Comedy- FitCom if you may. B)

Welcome to Sahil Bawa’s FitCom.

Leave your love and concern in form of likes, dislikes, comments, and subscriptions.

Also, if you have any doubts about ketogenic diet or any concerns, just hit me up at [email protected]

Remember the key to keto diet is low carb, moderate protein and high fat. Period. Also, traveling on this diet could be challenging in the beginning but it gets easier with the right kind of mindset.

Disclaimer: This information and advice on the basis of my experience with the keto diet, the information base I have and my opinion. Please do not substitute this with a certified nutritionist or doctor’s advice.

And, as always, tons of love!
Sahil Bawa
(The Keto Kid)

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The Challenge Works

Keto Weight Loss 4 Weeks No Workout

The Challenge Works

Keto Weight Loss 4 Weeks No Workout

The Challenge Works

Keto Weight Loss 4 Weeks No Workout

The Challenge Works

Keto Weight Loss 4 Weeks No Workout