Starting Keto Lesson 4; Adding Fat or Protein

The Keto diet is basically to eat:
75% fat, 20% Protein, 5% or less in carbohydrates per day. (20 grams of carbs or less per day)
Eat FAT to Burn FAT…
Eat sugar to burn sugar and store fat.

*****My Ketogenic food list*****

Fried, boiled, scrambled, deviled!

Basically any meat!
*Without breading!*
Chicken (with or without skin)
Hot Dog’s and Sausages have great fat/protein ratios
*Johnsonville Better with Cheddar smoked sausages.
*Hot Wings, bone in without breading (Friday’s in the freezer section has a low carb buffalo wing, but check the label, 3 carbs per 1/2 the box 6 carbs for the whole box)
Garlic Parmesan Wings (un-breaded)

For Keto it’s best if the Fat Grams double the Protein Grams but if they don’t you can add fat by using healthy cooking oils like coconut oil.
(Wild caught, grass feed meat, and organic, meat, fish, and eggs are better for you, but eat what you can afford!)

***Keto Veggies!***
Green Leafy veggies!
Kale, spinach, lettuce, (Yes salads are great for keto!)
Cucumbers! (includes pickles)
Broccoli (with or without cheese!)

This is not a complete list.
(Watch out for carrots and potatoes because they are carby and starchy turning to sugar in your gut! (Not keto friendly)(Never eat Corn!)

Small Berries Like Blueberries, black berries, strawberries (but watch the carbs)

It’s best to only have fruits other than avocado on rare occasions. While fruit is not necessarily bad for you, it’s bad for the keto diet. The natural sugars in fruit can keep you out or kick you out of ketosis.

Most cheese is fine, just check the label for carbs

***Salad dressings****
There are a lot of Salad Dressings that are low in carbs
Just check the label before you buy.
(My fav is the Kraft Classic Ranch, I actually get a lot of my Keto fat from Ranch)
Note: Salad Dressings in restaurants often have higher carbs)

***Adding something Crispy!***
Pork Skins
Pork Cracklin’s
Bacon Bits
Cheese Crisps
Fried Onions
(Use some caution, these often have some carbs)

***Adding taste***
A1 (mind the carbs)
Ketchup (use gently mind the carbs)
Cheese Dip
Real Butter
Garlic Parmesan Dressing
Ragu Cheese Sauce
Alfredo Sauce

***Nuts and Seeds***
Most are OKAY but use caution because they add up in both carbs and calories fast!
Peanut Butter is okay but again check the label and mind the carbs

***Keto Sweets***
Cool Whip!
Sugar Free Jello
Sugar Free pudding

Russel Stover has some Stevia sweetened candies, but they are high in total carbs and calories. Use rarely and in small amounts)

***Drinks and Liquids***
Diet Soda
Coffee (no sugar)
Powerade ZERO
Zero drinks
Swiss Miss *Sensible Sweets* (look for the 4 carb per packet)

Bone Broths (chicken/beef)
Coconut Milk (they also have caned Coconut milk)
Almond Milk
Heavy Whipping Cream

***Best Cooking Oil***
Real Butter (best just to add for taste, low smoke point)
Coconut Oil (Good option)
Olive Oil (good for low temps but better to just coat foods/add taste)
Avocado Oil (good option)
Bacon grease, Talo, Real lard, (animal fats) (decent option)
Palm Fruit oil
Hazel Nut oil
Macadamia nut oil

Most spices are fine but if you are concerned about one
hit google 🙂 Type in “Pepper Nutrition” and the nutrition facts
will come up 🙂
pink Himalayan salt is preferred over white table salt for it’s
much better nutrition.


Just stick to meat, cheese, eggs, and veggies (salads)

Salads (fast food dressing sometimes have higher carbs)

Bun-less burgers

Grilled Chicken

Beef N Cheddar (no bun ever) (Arby’s)

Taco’s without shells/chips

Blackened Chicken tenders (popeye’s)

Steaks and Salads!

Hot Wings (No breading)

For more food choices on keto stay tuned to my Foods Playlist! />
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(I use the moderate setting)

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