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Salmon Recipe Keto, Power Smokeless Grill XL, Low Carb

Salmon Recipe Keto, Power Smokeless Grill XL, Low Carb. Enjoy a great keto low carb meal with this fresh salmon recipe. The Power Smokeless Grill XL 1500 Watts is used, but you can use your own indoor grill, to enjoy tasty salmon. The Power Smokeless Grill XL can hold a full 3-pound salmon filet. It’s easy to cook the whole salmon filet with this indoor smokeless grill. You can do it yourself and enjoy lots of salmon for yourself and others. You can make an easy low carb meal, that is keto diet friendly. Watch now and enjoy salmon anytime.

Full Recipe

3-pound salmon fillet
Smoked sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Old Bay seasoning
1 Lemon

1. Clean and slice the lemon in half.
2. Season the salmon to taste, with the lemon and seasoning.
3. Line the grill with a grill mat. To avoid the salmon sticking to the grill grate.
4. Place the lid on the grill.
5. Press the Power button and set the Power Smokeless Grill XL to 350° F.
6. Press the Fan button also to engage the fan.
7. Allow the indoor grill to reach 350° F. and then wait a few more minutes, to ensure things preheated well.
8. Place the salmon on the grill mat in the smokeless grill.
9. Place the lid back on.
10. Allow the salmon to cook till the meat temperature is 145° F. This may take about 34 minutes.
11. Remove the salmon and allow it about 10 minutes to rest.
12. Enjoy!

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