Rethinking Keto For Type 1 Diabetes RD Dikeman

RD Dikeman PhD (of Type 1 Grit) is eager to chat through how each of the 12 Keto Lies can negatively impact people with type 1 diabetes.

– Keto Lie #1: ‘Optimal ketosis’ is a goal and more ketones are better
– Keto Lie #2: You have to be ‘in ketosis’ to burn fat
– Keto Lie #3: You should eat more fat to burn more fat
– Keto Lie #4: Protein should be avoided because of gluconeogenesis
– Keto Lie #5: Fat is a ‘free food’ because it doesn’t elicit an insulin response
– Keto Lie #6: Food quality is not important, it’s all about insulin and avoiding carbs
– Keto Lie #7: Fasting for longer is better
– Keto Lie #8: Insulin toxicity is enemy #1
– Keto Lie #9: Calories don’t count
– Keto Lie #10: Stable blood sugars will lead to fat loss
– Keto Lie #11: You should ‘eat fat to satiety’ to lose body fat
– Keto Lie #12: If in doubt, keep calm and keto on

We’ll also be taking Q&As from people in the live.

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