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Pinterest Ads Case Study (Clickbank) Part 2 – Buy The Offer

Pinterest Ads Case Study with Clickbank Part 2. This video shows a pinterest ads case study campaign preparation by buying the product (Custom Keto Diet) from the clickbank marketplace prior to promoting.

There are 3 main reasons to buy the product/service that you’re promoting. 1. Get familiar with the product – The more familiar you are with the product, the easier it will be to sell. To think like your ideal customer, you have to become one by buying the product

2. Get on vendor/seller email list – Their email list and sequence is likely optimized for high open rates and high clickthrough rates. Take a look and see what is working for them, play around with them and implement into your marketing sequence

3. Get material to tease in promotions – If the majority of affiliates/dropshippers never order the product/service, this means you have an opportunity to get an advantage. Once you own the product there will be benefits and drawbacks that you pickup on that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

The Custom Keto Diet from the clickbank marketplace has two upsells in the funnel that we discovered, private coaching and a gut health supplement. Make sure you stay tuned for part 3 of the pinterest ads case study!

00:00- 00:55 Intro
00:55 – 02:08 3 Reasons To Buy The Product You Promote
02:08 – 02:28 Subscribe For More Videos
02:28 – 07:19 Buying Custom Keto Diet (Clickbank Product)
07:19 – 14:19 Custom Keto Diet Review
14:19 – 14:53 Outro

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