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Paradox of Weight Loss  and Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Paradox of Weight Loss and Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

What is the paradox of weight loss and keto and how does the ketogenic lifestyle help us to understand it? Put simply, we have all the information that we need to be at a healthy weight. It has been explained to us from time we began elementary school. Yet, more and more adults are over weight.

The reason, the information that we’ve been given to manage our weight is incorrect. That’s right, it is information that does not correctly explain what causes weight fluctuation and therefore the average person cannot use the information to correctly modify their weight.

Calories are a measurement of energy. Measuring energy output possible by food is good for knowledge sake because it allows us to know the potential usage we can get out of the food. What is ignored is that not every person who eats a specific food will use the energy from the food the same way. Therefore, the input of energy into a sedentary person’s body versus an athlete will most likely be utilized by the body differently. Meaning, if two people ingest the same food but their body utilizes it differently, then the caloric nature of the food is not as important as what their body did with it.

This is just one example of how the calories in calories out idea has lead us to believe that we can just move more, without acknowledging that our body’s baseline will still affect how the food is metabolized. The sedentary person body will absolutely manage the food intake differently because the expectations and capabilities of the body will limit what is possible and therefore limit the outcome.

And let’s be clear, this is not a fault of will power. It is a biological reality. Our bodies need to adjust to the obstacles that we present ourselves. And our bodies goal is always survival and maintenance. Which means that sometimes that is in direct conflict with our goal of weight loss.

We need to understand how our bodies function if we want to successfully achieve our weight goals. We need to understand that weight loss is not about tricking our bodies. It is a steady and consistent process of feeding ourselves the correct foods and allowing our bodies to adjust and respond appropriately.

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