Now Recruiting! New Study for High LDL Cholesterol on a Keto Diet

To find out more about this study and whether you or someone you know is eligible, please visit:

0:00 Study Announcement
0:32 Initial work of Brown and Goldstein, supporting evidence for Lipid Hypothesis
3:11 Low carb diets and cholesterol hyper-responders
3:47 Lean Mass Hyper-responders (LMHRs)
4:54 Overview of LMHR study
5:22 Introduction to Lundquist Institute and Dr. Matt Budoff
6:06 Major Eligibility Criteria
8:25 How to join and what is involved
9:59 The data we’re collecting and why it matters
13:59 Interview with Matt Budoff on the Study, CTA, and its implications
28:14 Final thanks

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