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Neurology and the Keto Diet

It’s high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates—the ketogenic diet is known for helping patients lose weight. But sleep medicine Dr. Jose Colon says, if done correctly, the diet can improve more than just your weight. “Being on a ketogenic diet or being in a state of ketosis, has been shown to help with epilepsy and many other disorders as well,” Dr. Jose Colon, a sleep medicine physician with Lee Health.

Doctors use the ketogenic diet to help treat patients with seizures. “The ketogenic diet is very effective in epilepsy but it’s also been shown to be helpful in many other medical disorders, from weight loss to diabetes, type two diabetes, insulin resistance, it can help with PCOS, and it helps brain function from pediatric to geriatric, from autism to Alzheimer’s,” he said.

The keto diet can also benefit patients who suffer from sleep disorders. “I’ve had several patients also have successful treatment of narcolepsy as well with the ketogenic diet. One of the things with narcolepsy is that your brain is in a sleepy state and high carbohydrate states turn off your alerting neurons so it can help with that disorder as well,” said Dr. Colon.

Doctors can help patients successfully adapt and maintain a ketogenic diet. A lifestyle change that can benefit their overall health.

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