My Keto Journey so far | Keto Diet Guide for Beginners in 2021 | Keto Flu Signs

Hey Guys!!🙋🏻‍♀️
I am sharing my first hand experience with you all about a journey I began on 1st Jan 2021! NO! it’s not a new year resolution, but just me making conscious healthier choices for myself and for a fitter life! I aim to be more aware of my health this year and this is just the first step towards it. I started my Keto Diet and I am sharing every little thing I experienced in this past 1 month with you all, hoping it motivates some of you too as well to give this diet a try!
I did a lot of research before I decided to do this and I have explained it all in my video making it easier for you all and reducing your homework..haha
I have shared my 1 month progress and all that I ate! and oh baby!! I ate a lot!! it doesn’t seem like a diet to me because frankly I get to everything I love and for all the other things that I love and I can’t eat, well, I found perfect recipes to replace them! Thanks to @Low Carb Love & @Headbanger’s Kitchen for making my Keto journey as smooth as cream cheese…haha
Hope you guys enjoy this video and get inspired to commence your keto journey super soon!
Ek bar try karke toh dekho…
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