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Medication On A Low Carb Or Keto Diet — Dr. Eric Westman

Medication On A Low Carb Or Keto Diet — Dr. Eric Westman


Dr. Eric Westman answers the questions you had regarding ‘Medication on a keto diet.’

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Larry 0:33
I know the list could be long, but could you tell us a few of the most commonly taken medicines that would be spike insulin or affect people on ketogenic.

Judy 2:18
What about beta blockers?

Lisa 2:42
What about Pentasa for Crohn’s disease? Having a flare, could weight loss have stalled?

Kelly 3:20
I take St. Johns Wart for mild depression. Will this keep me from being in ketosis?

Jane 4:44
Husband on 2 low dose high blood pressure meds. Has lost 35 pounds. Just had wellness exam… doctor told him to stay on both. He had 2 months of history taking his own blood pressure. She didn’t care to discuss his diet. He is now in normal weight range. When are blood pressure meds harmful? How does he know when to stop?

Linda 5:36
What about thyroid medicine?

Jackie 6:06
What about if you have a gull bladder

Franci 6:22
What about early morning blood sugar that’s a bit elevated? Should I take medication for that?

Hanna 6:50
What about the Staten drugs?

What about over the counter medicines?

What about natural supplements in LCHF?

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