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Mandira Bedi Weight Loss Diet

The low carb diet or Keto Diet is becoming popular across the globe these days. Its craze can be seen among celebrities and film stars because it is the only healthy way to lose weight or maintain weight and remain in shape. Majority of the Celebrity Diet Plans consists of low carb items avoiding grains and sugar. However for pure vegetarians, it becomes too difficult to follow low carb Diet or Keto diet because they can not eat any grains. But now with the introduction of NutroActive Keto Atta, low carb diet has become easy to follow. You can have your normal roti, paratha or puri and still follow weight loss diet.

Mandira Bedi Fitness Freak also follows low carb diet to remain in shape. She says when she is on low carb diet, the most important thing she miss is #rotis ! With NutroActive #ketoatta , the rotis make easily and are yum !

Flour for Keto Diet
She explains that how NutroActive Keto atta helps her in following the low carb diets. NutroActive Keto Atta has three important features. One that it is made up of dryfruits and does not contain any grains. Second that even though it is made up of dryfruits, it is very easy to make chapattis or rotis or parathas or puris from Keto Atta and it tastes great. Thirdly that it contains very less carb which means that it gives result very fast.

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NutroActive x Mandira Bedi
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