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Low carb diet Grain Free Chicken Biryani | cauliflower rice recipe | lchf keto recipes

Biriyani, one of the favorite dishes around the world, can be scary to some due to the carbohydrate content. But don’t worry, have the same tasty biriyani, without the worry of carbohydrate content, with this special grain-free recipe. This is ideal for those who are on special foods like Keto diet or Diabetic diet. But even if you are not following any special diets, this cauliflower rice biriyani will be great to enjoy due to the special flavour and variety. Grain-free chicken biriyani can be an option for your special party dishes. Get others wondering on this cauliflower rice biriyani and its peculiar taste….
Detailed Recipe – https://indidiet.com/recipe/cauliflower-rice-chicken-biriyani/
The lchf or low carb diet, will force you to limit the varieties of food you can have. But if you are following keto recipes, this cauliflower rice recipes or cauliflower recipes, will help to you enjoy the tasty biriyani. No need to worry about the carb content, try this low carg grain free chicken biryani.
Make it part of the lchf or keto diet- achieve your weight loss targets.

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