Let’s Talk Cholesterol │My Bloodwork Results From A Ketogenic Diet │Why You Shouldn’t Panic

I recently went to a keto friendly doctor for routine blood work. My total cholesterol came back “high” but my doctor being familiar with a keto lifestyle & cholesterol didn’t immediately recommend statins, instead she ran a second test to determine if my LDL was type A or type B. It was determined I have type A.

Dr. Berg explains it so much better than I can. Watch these videos!

My total cholesterol 236 (want it less than 200)
-HDL was 44 (want it greater than 50)
-non-HDL cholesterol 192 (want it less than 130)
-LDL cholesterol 179 (want it less than 100)
-Triglycerides were 67 (want it less than 150)

LDL and HDL are not cholesterol. Their job is to transport cholesterol.
-LDL is not bad. It’s the cholesterol that goes from liver to the vascular system + cells.
-HDL is the brings it from the vascular system back to the liver to be recycled or eliminated

2 types of LDL – routine blood work does NOT separate this (unless you have great insurance)
type A – big, fluffy and buoyant lasts 2 days in your body
type B – small and dense lasts 5 days in your body

My Results:
Higher levels of LDL with normal triglycerides with normal HDL is not a problem! My body is rewinding my health and this is a good thing. LDL only goes up TEMPORARILY because as you burn FAT you’re body is getting rid of triglycerides and cholesterol that were the result of being insulin resistant and morbidly obese. Once your body processes it will return to “normal” levels. The time to worry is if you have “type B” LDL and are consuming carbohydrates, sugar, etc.

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