LC Vlog 49: Keto Breakfast Recipes |Easy Low Carb Keto Breakfast Ideas| Keto Filipino Breakfast Idea

Whoever said that performing a Keto / Low Carb diet is expensive? We are here to prove you wrong!! If you guys are struggling on planning on what to cook for your breakfast, here are some Filipino low carb/keto breakfast dishes for you! It is simple, quick, affordable, delicious, and more importantly – healthy!

Enjoy our Filipino or Pinoy keto and low carb breakfast ideas on a budget!

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We’d like to introduce ourselves, we are both Professional Physical Therapists back home (Philippines) and we are currently pursuing our career as Physios here in Canada.

Our Youtube videos provide the viewer tutorials and tips about keto diet, health/physical advice and show you the wonders of our adventures.

DISCLAIMER: We would like the viewers to know that we are not keto experts, but we have observed that this kind of diet is effective for us, especially for my wife who’s battling PCOS. PLEASE! Perform your research first and read some studies about KETO DIET before pursuing it.

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