KFC: Keto Fried Chicken – Rated #1 Worldwide Best Low Carb Recipe…SO CRISPY!

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Crispy, flakyandjuicy ketofriedchickenfriedto absolute perfection using theBEST low carb breading recipe out there. This low carb fried chicken recipe is entirely grain free, gluten free, nut free and pork free….because chickens are not made of pork…

Do you miss KentuckyFriedChickenand wish there were a low carb version? Well, look no further because I’m about to blow your mind with this AMAZING ketofriedchickenrecipe.
It’s just like the real deal! That’s right. This crispyfriedchickenrecipe is just like KFCfriedchicken. Actually, it’s even better!
Did you know that one piece ofExtra CrispyChickenThigh on the bone from KFC has 9g net carbs. That’s one tiny little piece ofchickenfor 9g! Plus, we all know that nobody eats just one piece. So 2-3 pieces ofchickenthighs would equal to 18-27g net carbs just forchicken! And that’s just for chicken.
This is where the best part comes in. My recipe for this super crispy and juicyketofriedchickenhas less than 0.5g perchickenthigh! If you add spices to your batter then the carbs will slightly go up, but will still be under 2g net carbs!
And because this isfriedwith whey protein, it fills you up faster than normal breading so you don’t need to eat that many pieces of my low carb friedchicken recipe.


What you want to use iswhey protein isolate. Whey protein is the ultimate secret to getting that perfect low carb KFCfriedchicken. It sticks to thechicken, bubbles up in the oil and becomessuper crispywhen eaten, just like the real deal!


Not all whey protein are created equal. You’ll definitely want to check the ingredients label and nutritional information on your whey protein bottle.

A lot of whey protein powders have added sugars or flavourings. You want to choose an unflavoured whey protein from a reputed brand.


It’simportant you get whey proteinisolateand not any other kind. Whey protein will usually have added ingredients like sugar, fillers and additives. On the other hand, whey protein isolate usually has no artificial ingredients added to it.

Whey proteinusually has2g of carbs per 1/4 cup,whereaswhey protein isolatehasless than 1g of carbs per 1/4 cup.


More to the point…is there anything you CAN’T deep are with whey protein???!

Thiseasy keto breadingworks for any type of protein. Whether it’s meat or fish, apply the same methods as this recipe and you’ll have differentfriedmeals.

Here are some protein options that you can deepfry with whey protein:
* Pork slices
* Pork chops
* Pork tenderloin
* Beef slices
* Steak
* Ground beef, pork,chicken
* Any type of fish (salmon is my favourite)


When making ketofriedchickenwith whey protein isolate, I suggest deepfryingyourchickenbetween 140-150C/280-300F. If you deepfryyourchickenpieces at a higher temperature than that, the whey protein isolate will burn before thechickencan get cooked.


Preheat your oil to 140-150C/280-300F.
Once your meat is ready, you’ll then start the breading process.
Crack a couple of eggs into thechickenand mix until all of thechickenpieces have been coated well with the eggs.
Add the whey protein powder to a large plate and dip one piece ofchickenat a time into the protein powder. Make sure that all sides of yourchickenis coated with the protein powder beforefrying.
Add your pieces ofchickeninto the hot oil one at a time, but don’t over crowd the pot. You want to make sure that each piece ofchickendeep fries properly and becomes crispy.

Pro tip: Wash the utensils and bowls that touched the whey protein immediately as it’s harder to wash off once it’s dried.

Serve immediately asfriedchickenis best served freshly out of the oil!


Before making my low carbfriedchickenrecipe, make sure to read the following tips and ticks to make sure you make the BEST ketofriedchickenrecipe!

* Make sure to useunflavoured whey protein isolateand not whey protein powder.

* Youcan’t makethis low carbfriedchickenrecipewith anair fryer.
* Youmust cover the rawchickenwith an eggbefore coating with the whey protein isolate. This is how you ensure yourfriedchickenbreading sticks to thechicken.
* Deepfryeachchickenpieces in oil that’s about140-150C/280-300F. Higher than that and your batter will burn before thechickenis cooked.
* You can use any type of spice you want.

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