Ketones and Ketogenic Diet Effects on Diseases Like Alzheimer’s (Dr. Mary Newport/Richard Veech)

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The reason coconut oil or MCT oil has this astonishing regenerative effect on the brain is due to the production of ketones through the breakdown of MCT’s. So really its not MCT oil that is acting as a miracle drug, its just a method of letting your body use fatty acids as fuel, resulting in the production of ketone bodies, which can also be achieved through a low carb “ketogenic diet”.

To describe how ketones have this incredible impact of the brain for Alzheimer’s patents, we first have to understand the way Alzheimer’s effects the brain negatively. With a standard western diet glucose is the primary fuel source for the brain. The brain and other organs in the body use glucose from nutritional intake of carbohydrates to produce ATP or adenosine triphosphate, which is the energy source for all processes in the body. In Alzheimer’s patents mitochondrial function is abnormal, you can think of the mitochondria as working like a gasoline generator, but instead of using gas to generate electricity, the mitochondria uses glucose to produce ATP. In cases of Alzheimer’s it has been observed that due to insulin resistance, glucose has trouble penetrating the cell wall and entering the mitochondria.

FGD-PET scans have shown the vast difference in a normal brain vs a brain with Alzheimer’s, the uptake of glucose is severely decreased, resulting in a lack of available energy in the brain.

A problem that is also seen in other areas of the body in individuals with diabetes. Which is why Alzheimer’s is now being referred to as type 3 diabetes, or diabetes of the brain.

The amazing thing about ketones as an alternative fuel source, is that they do not need insulin to allow them to enter cells and mitochondria. Therefor they are able to bypass insulin deficiency and insulin resistance in the brain.

Through this same method of ketones providing a new energy pathway, a ton of other diseases can be effectively treated, diseases like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Type 1 and 2 diabetes, and even has shown improvements in some forms of autism.

This isn’t the only method in which ketones can treat and prevent disease. It has been observed that the energy production system of cancer cells are not quite as dynamic as the basic human metabolism. Cancer cells are huge consumers of glucose to meet their high energy demand to grow and spread through the body. Depriving them of there only source of fuel can reverse growth and eliminate cancer cells all together. Ketones also provide astonishing antioxidant effects, and are able to enter cells much more efficiently that other antioxidants due to there smaller molecular size. The effects of ketones as antioxidants reduce free radicles and oxidative stress, and Dr. Richard Veech, a leading ketone researcher for the the past 40 years has discovered they could even provide protection from radiation to human tissue.

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