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Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since I decided to change my life. So much has changed in such a short time. I can’t believe I ever let myself get to 309 pounds. I can’t believe the difference losing 38 pounds of fat, eating keto and incorporating intermittent fasting can make on your body. My photos make my keto weight loss transformation look like I’ve lost more than 38. If I had to guess and didn’t know what I did to lose the weight, I would say it looks more like 50 lbs than 38!

So where do I even begin? Two months ago I would wake up tired, grumpy, not motivated to do anything, and disgusted with the person I saw in the mirror. I thought about sugar 24/7 and never skipped a meal. Nothing fit in my closet including my underwear, bras and wedding band. I was so miserable, unhappy and had no self worth to change my life. I wasn’t even the best mom because I didn’t like going out and doing things with my kids. I would sit on the bench at the park instead of play with them. Even having been diagnosed with heart failure wasn’t enough to scare me.

It gets boring on the side lines watching everyone else have fun. I wanted to live life again and stop hiding from the person I am. I wanted the old me back. The old me that was so happy, full of life, attractive, strong, and a fighter. I decided I was fed up and either I give this one last try or look into surgery. Something had to change.

So it was either “get busy living or get busy dying”.

Something finally ignited inside me. The aggressive nature I keep tucked away and hidden from everyone is coming back. The secret side of me, that unless you know of my past athletic accomplishments, is ready to come back out. The super human strength that I naturally have that allows me to be physically stronger than pretty much all females and sadly, a lot of males LOL. The girl that used to play softball and be the “clean up” batter, also known as the 4th person on the roster to smash the ball out of the park for a grand slam. The girl who used to compete in weightlifting and could bench press 225 pounds, clean and jerk 175 and dead lift 300. The girl who played center in basketball and would get all the rebounds. The girl that was in countless fights at school because she fought off her sister’s many bullies. That girl was so strong. She only knew how to win and be great. That girl was not afraid of anything. She was fearless.

Good news, that girl was me. All of it. It’s all still inside me and it’s giving me the strength this time to win.

On February 11, 2019 I decided to change my life. My plan was to live a ketogenic lifestyle, incorporate intermittent fasting, and create a presence on social media to keep myself accountable. My plan was to not give up or give in no matter how hard it was. The first week was BRUTAL. I wanted to give up and wasn’t even sure I could make it through the first week. I channeled all the anger and inner strength that was built up inside me from the past 13 years. Out came the beast from my past!

I stepped on the scale a week later and lost 12 pounds! I did it! I smashed my goal by 7 pounds too! Week 2 I woke up feeling changed. It gave me strength to push on. I didn’t wake up tired, I didn’t miss sugar, I had so much energy, I was literally PUMPED! Week 3 & 4 was glorious and I was ready to post my month one results. I lost 24 pounds in my first month!

Month 2 has been smooth sailing. I almost want to say it has been…. easy. I had one set back in week 5 because I didn’t lose anything that week. But I didn’t let it wipe the smile off my face. I was going to trust the process and keep fighting. By this time my support system was growing incredibly and the amount of people cheering me on is crazy! I love that I’m helping people change their lives too! It’s like the icing on the cake.

In 59 days, I have lost 38 pounds of fat from my body! I love the person I see in the mirror again. I love that she’s a fighter. I love that she loved herself enough to change her life to start living again. With 102 pounds left to lose, I’m glad she is inside me fighting for me because struggle to lose weight is so hard.

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