KETO WEEK 34 | Coleslaw & BBQ Pork Recipe | KETO SNACKS

Hey guys! Just a quick update for you on what I’ve been snacking on lately. I know, it’s a lot of packaged or processed stuff but I haven’t been in the mood to cook while dealing with some emotions regarding my dads health. I am not feeling as good as I used to though so I will be meal prepping tonight for sure and getting back to more fresh whole foods. Still loving keto and I’m comfortable with the occasional weight gain. It happens every month but the scale still continues to go down so I don’t worry about it. I’ve lost a lot of weight this far so I trust the process. Try the coleslaw, it was super yummy and check out for more ideas. Her blog has lots of low carb recipes. Monday is around the corner. Get your meal preps in and your mindset ready to kill it this week! I’ll see you all next Sunday! xo

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