Keto vs. Intermittent Fasting//We chose our weight loss diet plan!!!


We are so excited to announce that we have finally been able to choose a solid diet/lifestyle plan to commence with! Yay!! We realize how important good nutrition is to weight loss.

You guys gave us so many suggestions here on YouTube, and also across our social media platforms. Your advice and information is so SO appreciated! THANK YOU!

After doing our research, we narrowed it down to the Keto Diet, and the Intermittent Fasting Diet. We then chose which diet we believed would work best for us on our weight loss journey.

We started immediately!

As I am writing this, we are starting morning #2 of our diet.

Thank you all for your support and your kind words of encouragement; this journey is not an easy one, but you are some of our biggest motivators and we never want to let you down.

Please feel free to write us (in the comments, on our Instagram (Jash.Life) or even Snap (Jash.Life) if you have any more info or advice for us….we are total noobs 😉

We are super excited about this new diet, and we will soon be paring it with an amazing workout plan!

Stay Tuned!

Jash Diet Plan:
-Breakfast: 1 boiled egg or a banana, green tea or coffee (no sugar)

-Lunch: 1 avocado with sesame oil, pickles, carrot sticks, apple, boiled egg, or nuts.

-Dinner: Late dinner HIGH In protein and veggies, possibly 1 complex carb to go with.

hydrate hydrate hydrate all day

Here are a few of the links that we got our info from:

Keto Diet

Intermittent Fasting

Thanks for watching and supporting us! Let us know if you are trying out one of these diets too!

Love, Jash

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