Keto Recipe: Garlic Chicken Pizza- In Memory of My Dad | Thomas DeLauer

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Keto Recipe: Garlic Chicken Pizza- In Memory of My Dad | Thomas DeLauer
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I’m going into the personal vault with this one, so before I start out on this pizza recipe, I do want to make sure that I lay out why I’m doing this. This isn’t just a recipe that I wanted to throw together just to give you another keto recipe. Honestly, there’s thousands of keto recipes out there and a lot of people on YouTube just throw them together to try to get a lot of views but the reality is, this one has a very, very personal story attached to it.
So when I was in high school, it was always my thing to go with my dad to Roundtable Pizza and have a garlic chicken pizza. It was just our thing. So I ran cross-country in high school so I’d go to running practice and I would just burn a bunch of calories and I would just eat a copious amount of pizza. It was probably what helped contribute to me being so overweight later on but either way the point was is it was a very special thing to me. When my dad passed away last year, it was something that kept on coming back as this recurring thought, as this garlic chicken pizza that I could probably never have again, right? I realized that the garlic chicken sauce really could be keto and then if we utilize a good cauliflower crust, we could make it that way, so in reality, maybe in honor of my dad, I could make this, so I could make a garlic chicken cauliflower crust pizza.
I’ve got a keto white sauce that is going to end up being really, really good. So it’s going to be a garlic sauce and then we’re going to put chicken or you can put whatever else you’d want on it. So you basically are making a garlic chicken pizza. So first thing that I want to start with, the first thing that I do, before I even touch the crust, is I want to make this white sauce. Now normally white sauce is going to have a bunch of heavy cream and a bunch of that stuff. I don’t want that in there. If I’m going to use dairy, I want to keep it clean. I want to keep it clean with grass-fed butter or I want to keep it with ghee. I don’t want to be utilizing a bunch of heavy cream whenever possible simply because it’s so inflammatory and it’s so high in the wrong beta caseinate proteins.
So, all I’m going to do here is I’ve got one cup of almond milk. No carrageenan in this almond milk so I’m going to go and I’m just going to add it to a mixing bowl. It has to be warmed up. If it’s not warmed up, it’s going to be very difficult to get onto the next steps. Next thing I’m going to do is I’ve got two tablespoons of grass-fed Kerrygold butter. The reason I’m using the grass-fed is simply like you’ve probably heard, the better Omega-3 to Omega-6 balance. So if you’ve ever heard the saying you are what you eat ate, it really rings true. If the cows are eating a bunch of grain and they’re eating a bunch of soy, it’s coming through in the dairy and you’re going to have a high Omega-6 profile giving you a plethora of inflammatory nonsense which you just don’t want. I’ve got that in here and then I’ve got a tablespoon of ghee. Ghee is just straight up dairy fat. There is absolutely nothing else in it. There are no milk solids, nothing like that so we’re not dealing with the inflammatory components. We’re literally just dealing with the fat from it. The reason that I’m using it in there is it gives it that thickness and that consistency that you wouldn’t ordinarily get. I’m going to start mixing this up to make sure that it starts to melt. I want to make sure that that almond milk is really warm and I have to get that melted down, and then the next thing that I want to do in order to actually get this nice and thick is I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to add some almond flour to it. This is critical with what you do here. You don’t want to be using regular almond flour. You want to be using blanched almond flour. You can find it at any grocery store, it’s white. It doesn’t have the actual shell of the almonds on it. What happens is when you have the shell of the almonds, you get all the phytic acid. The phytic acid is what’s called an anti-nutrient. An anti-nutrient stops the absorption of things. We want the blanched section, it’s just the inside of the almond. So I have got a good half a cup there, and I’m probably going to end up adding even more because as long as this butter continues to not melt, it’s going to be very hard to mix, but we can add as much as we need to end up thickening it up.

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