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Welcome! This is our second episode of the layout we will be serving at our Game of Thrones party in honor of the finale to the entire series. It is with a heavy heart we do so, but all good things much come to an end. I’ve even thought about recording the last episode and just not watching it, that way I’d feel it hadn’t ended. Ok, blond thought, but even so…
Even if you are not GOT fan, this platter, or anything on it, makes a wonderful platter for any party! Or even just an entire platter of keto snack foods! Simple, and easy to make, our keto chutney is a very unique blend of sweet carmelized onions and tart berries. We used raspberries, and blackberries, but blueberries would be awesome too! Make our keto Butter Crackers, put some cheese on them and top them with this chutney and you are set!
The deviled eggs (AKA Dragon Eggs) are also a show stopper. We brined the eggs first, then combined unlikely ingredients to make the worlds best dragon egg….oops, I mean deviled eggs.
So no matter if you’re just whipping ups snack for yourself, or making it for a party, it will be a hit for keto and non keto guests and family members alike.

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