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Onion Bahjis are a common Indian snack, especially where I come from. I am a Maharashtrian and everytime it rains there, if you are a vegetarian you will want a cup of tea and onion bhajee or kanda bhaji as they call it in Marathi. And if you are a fish eater you want fried Mackerel. Now that one is for another day. Lets tackle the bhaji. There are stalls all over the palce which serve these hot and they are fairly healthy if you ignore the fact that the bhaji are deep fried in reused oil. Well if you are eating a street food, this is as good as it gets.

They are made from thinly sliced onions, covered in a chick pea flour batter, light seasoned and deep fried till crisp. On keto most of the ingredients are accpetable other than the Besan or chicpea flour. Although that isn;t too high on carb either. But, in my version of the keto onions bhajee or keto onion pakora I have used flax seed flour and in one of the versions even an egg. Normally, this is a vegetarin food but on keto you need to tweeak a bit to get the result you want. We don’t have the absolute freedom that we wish for.

I grind my flax seed flour the day of as it can get rancid. But rest of the ingredients are so easy to put together. Also you do’t have to add all the spices that I did. If you have turmeric powder, chilli powder and garam masala, go with that.

Hope you try this recipe. Good luck!

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