KETO MUG CAKE RECIPE – VANILLA – MICROWAVE 🥰😄 {low carb & gluten free}

💡The Difference Between People Who Succeed and Fail

How many times have you seen something like this promise: “Lose 3 pounds in seven days with this ashwagandha tea diet”. Very familiar, right?

Diets do work, but only the ones that do not have an expiration date, so you have to think about it, could you handle taking Ashwagandha Tea for the rest of your life?

Diets do not make anyone thinner and healthier for an extended period of time, but a lifestyle does! What’s the difference?

Diet = temporary results

Lifestyle = lasting results

All the recipes of my channel are friendly to the Keto lifestyle. I show you how to lose weight by eating things that you can actually eat for the rest of your life (just like the one in the video above), and many of them do not even seem to be like “diet food”!

The Keto lifestyle (or diet, if you prefer) is famous because it makes you lose weight way faster than any other diets. In addition, it delivers lasting results to you, since it is a lifestyle.

You will have to stick with the keto lifestyle to maintain the low measurements forever, but there are no worries, the keto menu is so vast that you will not stop eating junk food. Keto is about junk food! Keto pizzas, delicious keto cakes, keto creamy ice creams, keto cheeseburgers … and much more!

Imagine you eating those things, losing weight with them and staying healthy! This is possible in the Keto Lifestyle!
👉🏼 Ingredients:
1 tbsp melted butter
1 tbsp coconut flour
2 tbsp granular sweetener
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 beaten egg
Vanilla essence to taste

🍴Net carbs: 3g

*The nutrition facts are approximate.
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