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Keto Meal Prep

Keto Meal Prep

Hi! I am Lindy, AKA Paleobarbie. I am just a mom with hypothyroidism and arthritis, living a Keto life. It has been a long journey to find a way of eating that makes my symptoms feel better and that also gets the weight off. I found Paleo about 7 years ago and it lead me to a Ketogenic way of eating. I have improved my two autoimmune diseases with keto and have reduced my weight.
I am dedicated to helping others on their Keto and health journey. Come along for the ride and let’s enjoy the journey together!

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My Patreon page: I want to pay it forward and help others with Keto and hypothyroidism. If you would like to throw a few bucks my way for this mission, I would deeply appreciate it.

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