Keto Mathri or Mathi Crackers | Keto Fried Crackers | Keto Namakparas

Diwali is a festival of lights and in the olden days the womenfolk would get together to cook various goodies for their family. They helped each other and just like an assembly line did all their work while laughing , chatting and singing. It was a wonderful social activity and helped mental health immensely. Anyway! Times have changed and now we live in nuclear families and don’t build such bonds anymore. Most of us order the snacking and sweets from small home cooks. But nobody as yet sells keto versions. That is where I come in. I have a keto Mathri or Mathi or Namkeen or Shakarpala for you guys. Hoping you got to it before Diwali and tried the recipe.

Let me talk about the original Mathri as everyone know is. It is a homemade snack made using either whole wheat or refined flour with a mild flavouring with some seeds like carrom and black pepper. They are cut into rounds or diamonds and deep fried on a medium low flame. The outcome is a flaky firm biscuit/cracker like snack. And I absolutely love it, because I love anything that is flour and deep fried. Also I like the mild flavours of it.

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Macros are as per the ingredients and not after deep frying as it is very difficult to estimate the quantity of oil in each piece

Macros: Serves 10

Each serving is about 2

Calories: 51

Fat: 4

Net Carbs: 1

Protein: 2

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