Keto Macros Lesson

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The answer to the question I’ve been asked a lot lately: what keto macros are you following?

The keto macros I have set likely aren’t applicable to you. Your body is unique! Instead, I would encourage you to shy away from ratios/percentages and calculate your keto macros in grams to account for calorie intake. Calories matter on keto! Pinky promise!

Quick breakdown of keto macros:
– Limit carb intake (under 20g is a good target for most)
– Eat adequate protein to support lean body mass (0.8g-1.0g per pound of lean body mass is a good goal). This is critical so you don’t lose muscle mass, hair, etc.
– Adjust your fat intake depending on your body composition goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Pull back on the fat a bit to tap into body fat stores. The 70-25-5 keto macro ratios are applicable for those who are doing keto for medical purposes, do not have body fat to burn, etc. If fat loss is your goal, just be aware that your body fat is stored energy! You don’t have to eat crazy amounts of fat to do keto. So serious.

Stay badass!

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