Keto Low Carb Road Trip Snack Ideas On The Go Foods

The best way to stay Keto or Low Carb while traveling is to pack a few Keto foods with you before you go. Here are my favorite low-carb and Keto snack options great for on the go or road trips. I have included both drinks, snacks, and dessert ideas to make your next road-trip Keto friendly. I absolutely love these snack foods and they honestly don’t taste “healthy” to me but rather a delicious snack I would pick out even if I wasn’t Keto. Feel free to pick and choose your snack options that fit in your own dietary needs and carb count goals 🙂

⟶Keto/Low Carb Foods
Seaweed Snack:
Quest Cookie Dough:
Quest White Chocolate Raspberry:
Mio Vitamins Orange Vanilla:
Bang Energy Drink:
Russel Stover Sugar-Free Mint:

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