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Keto | Keto Weekly Weigh In | Ketogenic Diet Update

Keto | Keto Weekly Weigh In | Ketogenic Diet Update

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Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel this is my week 7 Keto update. This week was a great week I had some good results that I will share with you all. But first I want to see how many of you would like to join my in a work out challenge. Below in the description box will be the outline of the workout. There is one for beginners however; I have also added a link for advanced persons. All those who would like to participate please leave comment below or shoot me a private message. I would love to mention your pre and post results after this months challenge. It will include your starting weight, measurements, and non-scale victories such as clothing size.

Always remember it doesn’t matter where you start it where you end up that matters.

Weight loss challenge
4 Week Beginner Workout schedule

This challenge is strictly for beginners therefore, if you are an advanced person you can still join in the challenge the second link will be for advance persons.

1. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/512143788856524468/

2. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/326511041712122199/

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