KETO for Beginners| Keto how to Lesson 1| What is ketosis and why do I want it?

Hi, I’m Tammi! I am a 43 year mother of 9 and I have been eating ketogenically since January 1st, 2017! I am not a nutritionist, scientist or a doctor. I am just a mom who wants to share what she has learned about the ketogenic diet and weight loss so that we can all have our very own before and after transformations!

In this lesson I teach about ketosis, what is it, why you want it and how to get it. Ketosis is the basis for a ketogenic lifestyle and is imperative to understand how to properly do keto. Let me help you begin your own keto meal plan and finally have success on your weight loss journey! Get into ketosis fast and start losing weight!

I started eating ketogenically Jan 1st, 2017 at 374 lbs and a size 4x 30/32. Today I weigh 197 and am wearing a Large 12/14!

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