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Keto Flaxseed Wrap | Low Carb Diet | Easy Meal Prep

Hey guys! Let Per-li show you how to make some easy flaxseed wraps! Not only easy to make but very delicious and nutritious as well. Watch till end of the video and you will stand a chance to win a MYSTERY GIFT from Signature Market.

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Pan Per Li
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Organic golden flaxseed
Vegan mayonnaise
Diced tomatoes
Cheddar cheese


1. Blend the golden flaxseed until it become powder form.
2. Boil the water, add the salt into the boiling pan. After that, add in the golden flaxseed powder and stir it until become dough form.
3. Cool the dough down and cut the dough into 4 pieces. Place the dough between 2 pieces parchment paper. Roll the dough unit it flattens.
4. Place the flaxseed dough onto the heated non-stick frying pan and until it becomes brownish
5. Spread the vegan mayonnaise and place the lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese on top of flaxseed wrap. Wrap it nicely
6. Pair it with Organic High Protein Soy Bean Powder.
7. Ready to serve.

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