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Keto Diet & Walking – Has Helped Us Lose Over 70lbs – Our first VLOG

Keto Diet & Walking – Has Helped Us Lose Over 70lbs – Our first VLOG

We’ve been talking a lot about Keto and food, but walking is helping us lose weight too. In this video you’ll witness our reoccurring Saturday morning ritual. We try and walk/hike 6-7 miles each Saturday, while walking 2-3 miles daily. This along with the Keto diet has allowed us to lose over 70 lbs combine.

It’s hard to balance diet & exercise with so much misinformation out there. Each week we bring you the best tips, tricks, and success stories to help you along your health & fitness journey. Shannon and his wife, Arjan, we are both on the Ketogenic Diet and currently finding the healthier versions of themselves through the foods they eat along with moderate exercise. Since starting on the Keto journey they’ve lost a combine weight of 71.5lbs and currently about 50% of the way to their individual goals. If you want to lose weight, currently losing weight, looking for more information about Keto and want to see and hear about real results then this show is for you.

We are just normal people with busy lives who are trying to live a stronger, healthier lifestyle. Follow us on our journey as we keep each other and our subscribers accountable for accomplishing individual goals. We strongly believe that KETO and low carb diets can reverse obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and heart dieses. Always seek counsel and advance from your health care professional before starting low carb/KETO diets and exercise; and you shouldn’t listen to any advice we give without talking to your doctor as we are NOT medical professionals, just everyday people doing our own research as you should too.

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