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Keto Diet / Journey Day 1 Part 2

Welcome to my keto diet/ journey. Day 1 Part 2. Follow along with me as i hope to share what starting keto is like as well as give tips and update those tips in the description when necessary. Enjoy
-No gallon water a day etc, can actually be bad and flush electrolytes out your system. Better to have Propel or electrolyte mix twice a day starting out in eating window. Dehydration isnt lack of water, its lack of electrolytes, potassium, etc.
-No snacks. Day one i had celery as to snack on. Better eating everything in 2 or 3 meals in 8 hour window. But first day and all, just leaves room to improve
-I started with 3 meals in 8 hour window then was able to move to 2 meals in 8 hour window around 2 weeks. If can do 2 meals that is better
-Propel will break fast cause sucralose. So in fasting window stick to hot green tea, black tea, black coffee, or water.
-No table salt, want Pink Himalayan salt.
-First meal could have used more veggies. Veggies are key
-Fill insulated bottle with water and lemon, or propel and ice for when on go. Will stay colder longer and help with electrolytes/ avoiding keto flu symptoms early on.
As always try to focus on the health aspect, not the weight loss. As Dr. Berg says focus on your health and the weight will come off. So true.

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