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Keto Diet Good Morning America

Keto Diet Good Morning America

If you’re interested in the Keto Diet, then this is a MUST-SEE.


Many including myself call it the holy grail when it comes to health and weight loss. Take a look. There I am in my dressing room getting my hair and makeup done for “Good morning America” while enjoying a beverage that’s become my morning ritual. Voila. Butter coffee. You heard right. Butter coffee. But that’s not all. I eat bacon, salads loaded with feta cheese. For four months I’ve been on a keto diet and started for the anti-cancer benefits but the by-product, I am more fit and have more energy than ever. Ketogenic diet prompts your body to become good at burring fat. It reduces hunger, appetite and cravings so you’re not running your life based on when the next meal is. Reporter: Author mark is a guru for the keto diet. I caught up with him at the restaurant at rose hill at hg in New York, the keto reset diet. What we decided I want to give people an opportunity to try this out in a way that they can stairstep their way into it. When I first started and I was using heavy cream, things I never used before I kept thinking, oh, my gosh, I am going to gain weight. How is this good for me? It is high in natural nutritious fats, yep, butter is good. Moderate in protein and very low in carbs. It is filled with recipes that will make your mouth water. He shared some of his personal favorites. Breakfast, coffee with heavy cream and a sausage, kale and goat cheese fritata. For lunch — It’s a salad with some kind of protein on it. So this has maybe six or eight different kinds of vegetables, mixed greens, mushrooms. Reporter: Speaking of mushrooms, my kids hated mushrooms, didn’t like the texture. Now that we saute them in butter and garlic, they love them. Reporter: Mark’s dinner? You got pan seared cod with caper and dill sauce on it. Reporter: Don’t forget dessert. Chocolate avocado mousse with coconut milk whipped cream then again do you know what I miss the most? Bananas. They are decidedly not keto. But he told me I could have green bananas so did go for that. Dr. Jen Ashton is here. Talk about what being in a state of ketosis is. You can show us. I’ll show you a demonstration. The largest connect four I’ve seen. If you realize that every cell needs glucose to function and if you think of these green discs carbohydrates when we eat them they run right through us and processed as sugar. Once we cut off that supply these yellow representing fat we have no choice but — I love doing that. Your — They make ketone bodies in the liver and that’s what our bodies use as fuel. I didn’t do this to lose weight but for anti-cancer benefits. A lot of research on that but because I’m a breast cancer survivor it was important to me. Talk about the health benefits that come with it. There is ongoing research in this and, of course, we need more good data. You’re seeing things connecting, benefits potentially of keto genesis from cancer, longevity, brain function, supposed to boost your brain kind of power and energy. I am so many smarter now. You are on fire. With anything there are caveats so for an average healthy person, preet much no downsides. A cousin to Paleo or Atkins but you have to proceed with caution. It can be challenging, I think, because fruits are limited and alcohol, of course, is a no go but this is a good example. Low carb wine, I promise. Good to know. Breaking news. But this would be a breakfast. I’m going to heat it up. Lots of cheese, sausage and eggs, so delicious. The keto reset diet is out now.

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