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Keto Diet + Fasting | How I Lost 50 Pounds & My Nutrition Philosophy

Keto Diet + Fasting | How I Lost 50 Pounds & My Nutrition Philosophy

If you saw me in person today you probably wouldn’t believe that I was once obese. At 13 years old I weighed nearly 200 pounds. I was depressed, unmotivated and completely overweight. Since then I’ve become very passionate about health & wellness. I’m by no means an expert in this field but I’ve made what I believe is an amazing transformation over the years. I’ve learned A LOT in the process of losing 50lbs and my hope is that people will value in this content. On today’s video I explain my eating philosophy, touch on some common dieting misconceptions and give a brief explanation of keto and intermittent fasting.

Main Takeaways:
– Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply stay lean keto & intermittent fasting are a recipe for success.
– Going low carb has completely changed my way of thinking.
– By switching to a high fat, high protein diet and consuming just 50-70 net carbs per day I’ve been able to eat 3000 calories of food per day and remain lean and simultaneously build muscle. That’s 900 more calories per day than my previous high carb diet.
– We DO NOT need to eat as many carbs as we think we do for energy.
– You can still consume carbs on a keto diet. Carbs are not the enemy. Sugar is the enemy. High fiber sources of carbohydrates are what you want to eat.
– Fat DOES NOT make you fat. Period. End of story. Stop listening the one of the lies the nutrition industry has been spewing for years.
– Intermittent fasting can be incredibly effective. Not just for losing weight but the cognitive brain benefits. Even though I only eat during a 2-hour window my energy levels, productivity & mental clarity are at an all time high.
– Fasting is challenging in the beginning but once you train your body and most importantly, your mind it gets much easier.
– Start by cutting out breakfast. Once you’re comfortable with that progressively push your eating window later into the day until you’ve reached your goal. Most people who fast stick to a 16:8 hour ratio meaning you will fast 16 out of 24 hours in the day and eat during the remaining 8 hours.
– Use water and coffee/tea to suppress your hunger.
– Adding pink Himalayan salt to your water is a fantastic way to help your body make better use of the water you’re drinking and stay hydrated.
– Life is short. You can still eat all the things you love and still lose weight. For me it’s bacon cheeseburgers, chips & ice cream. At the end of the day it’s about moderation, as with anything.
– Try not to get obsessed with what the scale says. How you look & feel is what’s important.
– Calorie/macronutrient counting & tracking is a great way to keep you on track and ensure you’re consuming the right amount of calories, carbs, fat & protein each day.

My Current Daily Calories/Macros
– 3000 calories
– 50-70g net carbs
– 215g protein
– 190g fat

My Favorite Supplements:
– EFX Sports kre-alkalyn creatine
– American Health super papaya enzymes
– Dymatize slow-releasing casein protein powder
– Vitamin D
– Biotin

If you found this video helpful or informative please feel free to share it with your friends! Also, if anyone has any questions I’m more than happy to help 😉

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