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Keto Diet Explainer Video

Keto Diet Explainer Video

Did you know there is a natural way to reverse type 2 diabetes and lose weight without surgery or semi-starvation diets?
Reversing type 2 diabetes means lowering your blood sugar without diabetes-specific medications.

According to studies conducted by Virta Health, during the keto diet, as the body enters the state of nutritional ketosis, the glucose level decreases, and the production of insulin, now no longer as necessary as before because of the lower glucose level, goes down as well. If this continues for the duration of the diet even without diabetes-specific medication, the condition is reversed.

Even if you simply want to lose weight, the keto diet can be of great help. Without glucose made from carbohydrates you eat, your body uses up subcutaneous and especially visceral fat stored around your organs. As you burn fat, you reduce risk of metabolic and cardiovascular disease and improve your overall health.

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With a ketogenic diet, you can keep your type 2 diabetes under control even without diabetes-specific meds while slimming down and improving your overall health at the same time.

During the ketogenic diet, your body adapts to a new state called nutritional ketosis. As you cut down on carbs but maintain a high intake of fat, your body switches from using glucose from carbohydrates as a primary energy source to using the fat you eat and store in your body. This carbs to fat ratio is what makes the reversal of type 2 diabetes possible.

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